WDW Media are a Content and Digital Marketing outfit that understands that In today’s age of information at any given moment thousands of individuals and organisations will be vying for the attention of any one person, whether it’s on Social Media or Messaging Apps, Digital TV or Web Content today’s consumer has more choices and less time.

At WDW we know that an abundance of readily accessible content has resulted in shorter attention spans, for that reason today’s consumer has even less patience for content that does not add value to their world.

Our mission is to ensure that all our communications bring value to the lives of our consumers.



At WDW Media we pride ourselves in ensuring the we are proficient in all creative functions that are pertinent to our industry. We are methodical and systematic in our approach to content creation, we utilise data and Insight along with the occasional out of the box idea to ensure the our content always hits the mark. Our ability to connect the dots is what ensures that we always get value for our clients.


Content Marketing is the art of selling the brand’s proposition to the customers and prospects without selling, the idea is to retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour towards a particular brand. By understanding both the plights and passion points of the consumer we ensure that the consumer gets what they want, which is content that will Engage, Entertain and Inform. This understanding allows us to help companies interact with their target audience at a human level to achieve business goals through truly engaging content.